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Galaxy Watch 5 Intro

Aside from the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, Samsung is expected to announce another wearable come August 10, when the Galaxy Unpacked event is expected to give us the Z Fold 4, the Z Flip 4, and the Galaxy Watch 5 series. 

Now, the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is shaping up to be the crown jewel of the upcoming wearable lineup with its rugged design and large battery, but we shouldn’t forget about the regular Galaxy Watch 5, which will be the regular wearable in the lineup. With a slimmer profile and a similar set of features and functionalities, this one could easily end up being the perfect companion for those invested in the Samsung ecosystem, especially ones using older Galaxy smartwatches.

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Galaxy Watch 5 Specs

Galaxy Watch 5 Design, Models & Sizes

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 has leaked profusely alongside the Watch 5 Pro. Not nay changes are expected on the Galaxy Watch 5, as it looks like it will be mostly a carbon copy of the Galaxy Watch 4, which… isn’t a bad thing at all! The latter was a slim and no-frills wearable that simply did the job, so we are all for it!

The digital bezel that allows for some useful interface interactions is retained on the Galaxy Watch 5, and that’s good news for fans of Samsung’s wearables: while it’s no rotating physical bezel, this one still allows for some extra interactivity.

In terms of build quality, the Galaxy Watch 5 is likely comprising a sapphire screen with a titanium body, a super-premium combination. 

There will supposedly be two sizes of the Galaxy Watch 5: 40mm and 44mm versions, both of which will most certainly be available in both Wi-Fi + LTE and Wi-Fi-only variations. The full color spectrum of the Galaxy Watch 5 line is also known, we are looking at the following color options: Bora Purple, Pink Gold, Graphite, and Sapphire. 

Aside from those, we might also see the Galaxy Watch 5 be included in Samsung’s own Bespoke Edition program, which would allow potential wearers to mix and match between a handful of colors and create unique color combinations, reportedly up to 1,000 (!).

Galaxy Watch 5 Software & Features

The Galaxy Watch 5 will most likely come with the latest One UI Watch 4.5 operating system, based on Google’s wear OS and having a dedicated Play Store on deck. This update will bring a new typing experience, which will include a new full QWERTY keyboard with swipe gesture support that lets users to type in addition to dictating and scribbling. Most importantly, however, could be the enhanced customization that Samsung is seemingly included with the One UI 4.5 update with a few new watch faces with more customizable complications.

So far, we don’t expect a brand new biometric sensor to make the cut on the Galaxy Watch 5. We could potentially see a thermometer functionality that will take your current temperature and possibly alert you if you have a fever, but we are yet to hear any corroborations of that rumor. Aside from an ECG, an always-on heart-rate monitor, and maybe a BMI sensor to measure your body structure, the Galaxy Watch 5 will also have a thermometer. Other watches with this capability include the Huawei Watch GT3, Garmin wearables, and a variety of other specialized smartwatches.

One important thing to mention is that the Galaxy Watch 5 will likely only be compatible with Android devices and its best features, like ECG and blood pressure, will most certainly require a Galaxy smartphone, similarly to the Galaxy Watch 4 and 4 Classic. 

Galaxy Watch 5 Battery and Charging

With the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, we are likely looking at a battery larger than 500mAh, which could be record-setting for the Galaxy Watch range, but the smaller Galaxy Watch 5 is likely coming with a smaller battery. In the case of the 40mm version, this could be a 276mAh unit, while the larger 44mm one could get a 400mAh battery. 

With such a battery, the Galaxy Watch 5 is potentially looking at a day, a day and a half of active usage. 

On the topic of charging, rumors put a 10W charging capability within the Galaxy Watch 5 as well, which could ensure a 45% charge in around half an hour and possibly a full one in around an hour, which is quite snappy!

Galaxy Watch 5 Summary and final verdict

Well, the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro could surely get the majority of attention, but we shouldn’t rule out the Galaxy Watch 5 at all. If anything, it could easily be the workhorse of the Galaxy Watch lineup, probably starting at around $249 for the Wi-Fi version, but slightly more for its Wi-Fi + cellular version. 

We suppose the Watch 5 could be a neat alternative to the upcoming Apple Watch 8, though not really: the two won’t be interchangeable, as you can’t use an Apple Watch on Android, and a Galaxy Watch with an iPhone. So, if anything, you are definitely going for the smartwatch that works within your ecosystem. 

With that in mind, the Galaxy Watch 5 is shaping up as a great follow-up to an already excellent watch generation

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