LG creates a phone display task force as BOE grows to be both iPhone and Samsung OLED supplier

LG Display has come up with two new projects recently, the “Small Panel Advanced Technology Development Task Force”  and the “Next Generation Display” one, reports Korean media The Bell.

Its traditional strength in OLED displays has been developing larger, TV panels, but analyst predictions cited by The Elec for iPhone OLED display supply this year peg the total to 223 million panels, of which Samsung will be delivering 61%, while LG will have a 25% share and the Chinese from BOE will witness a huge increase in their share to 14% of the total.
That last supplier may have sent LG scrambling to assemble the small OLED panel task force, as it is expected to wiggle its way not only into the iPhone 14, but in the iPhone 15 supply chain as well, since its display technology is becoming increasingly sophisticated.

Not only is BOE developing dual-stack OLED display tech that makes long-life panels that are 30% more energy efficient and much brighter, but it is also working on the 8.5-Gen OLED production method for larger screens, hoping to enter Apple’s supply chain for devices with screens larger than the iPhone’s.

Moreover, BOE and CSOT are the first companies that supply OLED displays for Galaxy phones, and this year Samsung has increased its order to 3.5 million panels, even for upper midrange phones like the Galaxy A73, demonstrating that BOE can procure OLED screens as good as Samsung’s at a lower cost.

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