You can now buy a limited edition iPhone 13 Pro with an embedded famous signature

Many great people have lived in this world. There are many people from whom you can learn a lot and who can inspire you to become great like them one day. “But what does this have to do with mobile technology?” you would ask. Well, Caviar, the brand that creates exclusive phone designs, has released a new limited-edition iPhone 13 Pro and iPad Pro collection with the real signatures of some great and famous people.Now, right from the start, we should tell you that Caviar has only a single copy of each model, and each model has a unique signature on it. Because of that, every model from this collection probably costs as much as a brand new car. So you are warned if you want to buy one.

An iPad Pro with a piece of history on its back

The flagship model of Caviar’s new Autograph collection is a 12.9-inch iPad Pro equipped with an M1 processor. The tablet has a real, personally written note from Grigory Rasputin integrated on its back. The note says, “знаю что гордъ ты какъ царь иродъ лисой зашелъ ты а уйти хочешь волкомъ роспутинъ,” which in English should translate to, “I know that you are as proud as Tsar Herod, you came in like a fox, and you want to leave like a wolf, Rasputin.”

Rasputin’s message is housed in a frame constructed of jewelry alloy, encased in high-quality gold, and protected by shock-resistant glass. The rear of the iPad Pro is covered with designs that mirror the interiors of the Yusupov Palace, which is the place where Grigory Rasputin died. As a flagship model, the iPad Pro with Rasputin’s message has, of course, a flagship price. If you want to buy this piece of history, you will have to pay $91,100 for it. Yes, that’s probably a brand new, fully-loaded car, even in today’s market.

iPhone 13 Pro models with real signatures on their backs

In its Autograph collection, Caviar also offers four iPhone 13 Pro phones, each with the signature of a famous person. But the phone devoted to the French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte is probably the most distinctive phone in the collection.

Caviar has taken Bonaparte’s signature from a letter written by him personally and integrated it into an iPhone 13 Pro. The phone’s body was constructed of 24-carat yellow gold, and the design, according to Caviar, matches the emperor himself. Of course, don’t expect this model to be cheap. If you want to buy it, you have to open your wallet and cough up $75,090, as per Caviar’s official website. Which, again, probably costs just as much as a family car.

If you are not a fan of Napoleon Bonaparte, you can buy an iPhone 13 Pro with the embedded signature of Elon Musk for $26,790, Michael Jackson for $24,540, and Steve Jobs for $26,790. But if you want to have the signature of another famous person embedded in an iPhone 13 Pro, Caviar can do so. On its website, Caviar offers to create a custom model for you. So, in other words, if you want a specific signature and a new iPhone 13 Pro and have the money to buy it, Caviar can probably create and sell one to you.

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