T-Mobile is making transferring numbers to another carrier more secure

T-Mobile appears to have started learning from its mistakes and competitors. Or maybe it’s the requirements from the FCC. Whatever the reason, T-Mobile plans to introduce a Number Transfer PIN (NTP) system (via T-Mo Report).

An NTP system means that T-Mobile postpaid users who aren’t in the Lifeline program and wish to transfer their number to another carrier will be required to provide the new service provider with a unique 6-digit numeric pin in order for the number transfer to be successful.

A postpaid T-Mobile customer who wants to transfer their number to another carrier will be able to request an NTP via their T-Mobile account on T-Mobile’s official website or through the T-Mobile App. The NTP will only be valid for seven days after it’s generated. After these seven days, the system will require a new NTP.

There is no information on when T-Mobile plans to activate its new Number Transfer PIN system. On March 14th, T-Mobile informed its “industry partners” via an internal document of its decision to implement such a system, but it didn’t specify when we could expect T-Mobile to enable it.

Although there is no word on when T-Mobile will enable its Number Transfer PIN system, offering an NTP is a step in the right direction for the company. Verizon and AT&T already use an NTP system, and such a system has the potential to stop unauthorized SIM swaps via a port out. When an NTP is required for a port out and you are the only one who can get it, the chances of someone making a successful SIM swap by transferring your number to another carrier are very slim.

T-Mobile may also be planning to introduce a Number Transfer PIN system to comply with the requirements of the FCC. The FCC requires customers to be able to confirm that they want to move their number to a different provider before continuing with the port out.

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