Samsung’s CEO issues a heartfelt apology over the S22 game performance throttling issue

Rattled by the game performance throttling scandal that has engulfed benchmark aficionados as of late, Samsung’s CEO went and apologized for the company’s decision to limit the gaming power of its latest Galaxy S22 series phones.

The so-called Game Optimization Service (GOS) of Samsung put a clock frequency limiter on the phones’ chipset while gaming, in order to find the right balance between power draw, battery life, and thermal management. 

This didn’t sit well with users who wanted the full performance their phone is capable of, as well as with benchmark databases like Geekbench which delisted the S22 and Tab S8 series on account of the artificial performance management that they engage in.
While Samsung already started rolling out an update that chucks the limiter and prioritizes gaming performance as much as your heart desires and the chipsets are capable of, it still wanted to make peace with its fans, so its CEO JH Han took to the stage to issue a heartfelt apology to Samsung customers and shareholders alike.

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