Galaxy A33 and Galaxy A53: all the official colors

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Galaxy A33 and Galaxy A53: all the official colors

Samsung has just released the mid-range Galaxy A33 and Galaxy A53 with a couple of new hues this year, apart from the traditional black and white colors. Both models have the same color options, so we will discuss them here together.

All in all, the Galaxy A33 and Galaxy A53 come in four fresh colors: Awesome Peach, Awesome Blue, Awesome Black, and Awesome White, and in terms of design, don’t feel as much different as their predecessors. In this article, we will explore the Galaxy A33 and A53 official colors in order to help you choose which one to get.

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Galaxy A33 and Galaxy A53 in Awesome Peach

The Awesome Peach color for the Galaxy A33 and A53 seems to be the signature color this year. It is a fresh and youthful-looking bright color, which overall looks light and creamy. The polish of the glasstic on the back of the two phones is matte, so it won’t attract fingerprint smudges at all.

The frame of the phone is tinted in matching color, and the camera bump is also painted in the same color as the back of the phone so that the camera lenses stand out. This is a design that Samsung decided to go for last year, eliminating the contrasty look of a black camera bump against a colorful phone.

If you want your phone to look springy and fresh, you will probably love this color option.

Galaxy A33 and Galaxy A53 in Awesome Blue

Another fresh color is the blue option for the Galaxy A33 and Galaxy A53. It is a light blue hue that’s not too dark and doesn’t stand out much, apart from giving the phone a nice and youthful look. Again, as with the color above, Samsung has painted the camera bump in the same color so the lenses stand out, and the frame of the phone is matching again.

The Galaxy A53 or A33 in blue color is the right option for you if you want a touch of the beautiful spring sky in your hand to hold and get inspired by.

Galaxy A33 and Galaxy A53 in Awesome Black

Black is classic for those of you who still want to enjoy the Galaxy A33 or A53, but don’t want to jump into one of the more youthful-looking colors we were talking about above. It gives the phone a seamless and polished look, where everything blends together nicely and nothing stands out.

The back of the black Galaxy A33 or A53 is luckily matte (as we all know, black phones with glossy backs tend to be fingerprint smudge disasters), while the frame, in certain lighting conditions, looks tinted with a hint of color. This way, the black color is far from boring this year on the A33 or A53.

Galaxy A33 and Galaxy A53 in Awesome White

And last but not least, the Galaxy A33 and A53 are also available in white. A classic color that goes well with anything and looks great on the two midranger phones. Again, as the blue and the peach option, the camera bump matches the back color. The interesting thing here is that the frame is tinted in silver and looks quite classy and sophisticated.


Of course, picking a color for your new Galaxy A53 or Galaxy A33 is all up to your preference and style. However, many people view their phones not only as a necessity to make calls and browse social media but also as an accessory piece. If that’s the case for you, you may want to think about which color will represent your personality the best.Anyway, the Galaxy A53 and A33’s backs are made of plastic, which Samsung calls glasstic, so they’re not as vulnerable as other glass back phones to drops, and you might not even want a case for it, so keep that in mind when choosing the color of your next Galaxy.

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