WhatsApp for iOS has a new Contact Info page in the works

Okay, WhatsApp is looking for ways to further enhance the user experience in its app, and there are many changes coming to the app sooner or later (many of which are currently in beta testing). Now, 9to5Mac reports about one such change the app will be bringing: a revamped Contact Info page, coming to WhatsApp for iOS.

WhatsApp is working on a revamped Contact Info page

The redesigned Contact Info page is currently only for WhatsApp on iOS, and it has been rolled out to beta testers. The page is similar to what the app did with Business accounts, but now, it is for personal accounts. The changed Contact Info page was spotted by WABetaInfo with version for WhatsApp for iOS. As we already mentioned, this look is still in beta, so it is not available to the general public as of now. Usually, WhatsApp takes its time to release new features, but currently, there isn’t an official timeline as to when this update will be made available to everyone.

The new Contact Info page brings larger buttons for calls, as well as a new search message shortcut. For Business accounts, there is also a page dubbed Business Info there, which is, quite understandably, not available for personal WhatsApp accounts.

Interestingly enough, according to WABetaInfo, some users can get access to the revamped Contact Info page even if they are not a part of the beta testers, which means, that for some, it is available on the stable version of the app (including WhatsApp Business users).

Another useful feature that WhatsApp is planning to implement, specifically for Businesses, is called “Businesses Nearby”, and as its name suggests, it will be able to help you find nearby businesses such as restaurants, grocery stores, shops for clothes, and others.

And on top of that, WhatsApp is also currently working on its Community feature, something that was previewed by WABetaInfo in November of last year. It is basically a new place where group admins will have control over WhatsApp groups, pretty much helpful if you have many WhatsApp groups and want to have a more simple way to group them together and organize them.

WhatsApp is in full swing with useful tweaks to the app

The company has been working on a lot of new features recently, which are aimed at adding value to the popular chat app. One such feature that we reported on last week is a Telegram-like poll feature, that will make your communication in a group setting more fun and useful. Of course, as the name suggests, the poll feature will allow you to create polls (we don’t know with how many options as of yet), in order to check out the group’s opinion on something or just carry out a regular voting session.

The poll option will be available only for WhatsApp groups, and it will be end-to-end encrypted, including the answers the other users give to it. As many of you may probably know, end-to-end encryption is something WhatsApp is quite popular with, and it will be present for the poll feature as well. This pretty much means only the people in the group will be able to get access to the poll and its results.

And as this is a feature in its beta testing period, an official release date is not announced for it yet. As usual, beta testers will get to see how this feature works first, as WhatsApp works to get rid of any bugs and improve on it before it launches it for the general public.

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