Ad-less YouTube clone Vanced ceases operation

The most popular official YouTube app alternative, YouTube Vanced, announced it will cease operation, most likely under pressure from Google’s lawyers. 

The current app may still work for about two years, the team informs, but after that you are only left with Google’s own YouTube Premium which, despite being a paid tier, is a far cry from all the nifty options that Vanced offered.

While perhaps the most popular YouTube Vanced feature was its total lack of ads interrupting the video stream every few minutes, it has other virtues, such as the ability to stream when in the background or when your phone’s screen is locked, a boon for music lovers. 

Another fan favorite was the dark mode which painted the whole interface in deep black as opposed to YouTube’s gray zone. In any case, YouTube Vanced is no more, at least as far as new versions or installation ease are concerned, but hopefully Google will take a page from its better range of options for its own Premium tier.

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