OnePlus lends an ear to its fans once again, topic — OxygenOS 13

In the unlikely occasion that you still haven’t heard, OnePlus has decided to stick with OxygenOS as its phone’s operating system after negative feedback from its fans. The caveat here is that this regards only markets outside China, where the company will go on with ColorOS instead.

OnePlus recently reintroduced its online Open Ear Forums (OEF) — an open discussion with 16 participants from its user fanbase. The OEF revolved around the upcoming introduction to OxygenOS 13. The company wanted to take direct constructive feedback and get a general idea of its users’ expectations.

It looks as if OnePlus is trying to rebuild the trust in its users and bring back the glory days when OxygenOS was loved by so many. During the OEF, it even went as far as to admit that “OxygenOS 12 did not launch to a standard that meets our own expectations or those of our Community.”

Now, OnePlus is no saint when it comes to large tech companies, but not many have the courage to share their mistakes, especially ones that can be so damaging to their reputation. So hat tips to OnePlus here for being a good sport and actually caring enough to take responsibility.

What will OxygenOS 13 bring to the table?

The 16 participants got an exclusive look at what OxygenOS 13 has in store, but all of that is unfortunately still under an NDA. That being said, after receiving the feedback from the invited users, OnePlus went on to offer follow-up actions including:

  • Improve UI personalization and consistency
  • Improve system consistency and more optimized functions path
  • Add more features in AOD (like Music Player)
  • Optimized Zen Mode to provide users with a more immersive and efficient experience
  • Positive communication with community members (like optimizing CBT projects, more OEF, and so on)

While we don’t know the details, these goals that the company has set, give us a sneak peek at what we could expect. One thing is clear, however, and that is that it will be based on Android 13.

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