Google Messages users will finally be able to see emoji reactions sent from iPhone

Google Messages will be getting a new update that will make it possible for you to view emoji reactions sent from an iPhone, reports AppleInsider. The feature was in testing for several months, and now it will finally make its way to the public.

Google Messages will finally be able to view emoji reactions sent from iPhone

Google revealed the new feature rollout in a blog post. The said feature will be able to translate iMessage emoji to Google Messages users and is now going to gradually come to Android devices in the coming days. The feature spent four months in its testing period. However, that was not all the Google post about the chat possibilities between iPhone and Android said. The company also made a remark that it wants Apple to join in on the RCS protocol for a more universal experience.

Google said that the updates that will be coming now cannot ensure the most universal experience unless Apple joins “the rest of the mobile industry and adopt RCS so that we can make messaging better and more secure, no matter what device you choose.”

Back in November, the fact that Google was indeed working on a feature to add reactions to Google Messages was revealed, alongside the possibility to allow for reactions coming from iMessage to appear as an icon in the conversation. Last month, the feature started its rollout to beta testers.

Before this update, things looked rather strange if an Android user was chatting with an iPhone user via Google Messages. When an iPhone reacted via an emoji, Google Messages would display text describing the emoji reaction.

Then, last year, strings of code showing that Google Messages was working on a better message reaction delivery were discovered. Then, the beta for Google Messages added the function. Basically, instead of text, an emoji will appear next to the responded-to message. Of course, the emojis will not be identical to Apple’s version of them, but a Google-interpreted translation.

For example, a heart reaction on an iPhone will appear with the heart-eyes emoji in Google Message. The “Ha Ha” reaction shows the crying with laughter emoji, and the question mark reaction will be displayed as a thinking emoji.

The new update adds other features to Google Messages too

This update is not only about the interaction with iMessage though. Google is introducing a lot of new features to the Google Messages app.

The new update also focuses on getting your messages more organized with less clutter to annoy you. The Organized inbox will automatically sort your messages into Personal and Business tabs. On the other hand, you can set one-time password messages for an auto-deletion after 24 hours, which means again, less clutter. This feature was first launched in India and is now making its way to the United States.

Additionally, Google Messages will have new gentle nudges in case you have forgotten to reply to someone or you need to follow up. This feature rolls out to English-speaking users first.

On top of that, Google is also making it easier to wish someone a happy birthday with this new update. If you have their birthday in your contacts’ app, you will get a reminder when you open Messages or start a chat with them.

And last but not least, Emoji Kitchen gets over 2,000 new emoji mashups available as stickers, so you can create the best descriptive emoji for your feelings.

As we already mentioned above, these updates will gradually roll out over the next weeks to everyone.

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