Galaxy S22, now iPhone 13: So green is the hot new 2022 color?

When each new year rolls around, we can be sure about at least one thing – the big smartphone companies will release new flagship phones, which will serve as incremental updates to what they released a year ago.

Mainstream flagship phones have sort of reached their peak, and our favorite smartphone companies are constantly thinking of new trends – new things to get people excited, make them buy the new phones and ideally, make them feel like they’re getting something exclusive and fresh.

As the world’s biggest phone makers, Samsung and Apple are always ahead of the game, always seemingly trying to out-gimmick each other with specs, camera features, and definitely not least – their design choices.

A beautiful phone is important, as how it looks and what color it is is the first thing most consumers will see and base their opinions on. Indeed, even if we don’t like to acknowledge it – a phone’s design can make or break the average consumer’s choice.

February 2022: Samsung unveils green Galaxy S22; March 2022: Apple announces not one, but two new greens for the iPhone 13

February of this year was very exciting, because Samsung didn’t just release an average run-of-the-mill slightly-updated Galaxy S series, featuring three of the same phone but in different sizes.

What it did was retire the Galaxy Note series, porting everything that was good about it into the largest Galaxy S22 Ultra model. So at least one of those three Galaxy S22 phones is anything but the same as the other two. It’s basically a whole different smartphone, for those diehard Android power users that want the best, and are ready to pay for it.

But we’re not here to talk about Samsung simplifying its flagship line-up, we’re here to talk about colors. Samsung released the Galaxy S22, S22 Plus and S22 Ultra – all three, surprisingly in green, alongside the usual Black and White, plus Pink Gold, Burgundy and a few extra exclusive Galaxy S22 colors. So we’ve got a rainbow of choices right now.

Meanwhile Apple’s current flagship series was released in September of last year, and the colors the iPhone 13 had, besides the usual black and white, were just pink, red and blue. No green in sight.

I guess Apple just doesn’t believe in green, right? Well, plot twist…

Here Samsung went releasing green phones, and a month later, during a March 8 iPhone SE (2022) event Apple announced more than just the SE and a new iPad Air…

A third announcement was for not just one, but two new shades of green for the iPhone 13 series. Two! The base iPhone 13 gets what Apple boringly calls “Green”, while the iPhone 13 Pro gets “Alpine Green”, and here they are:

So, soon the iPhone 13 colors will include two greens, alongside the aforementioned red and blue, months after the phones hit the market. And Apple is banking hard on that green – all of the marketing materials on its website are now suddenly showing the iPhone 13 and 13 Pro in green!

To be fair, Apple has undoubtedly planned this all along. But, how important that color seems to be for both companies is quite interesting.

Not to mention the whole “coincidence” of Apple announcing greens shortly after Samsung, which Samsung wasn’t shy of pointing out…

Shots fired? Samsung is flattered that Apple “copied” that Galaxy S22 color

Samsung’s reaction after Apple announced two new green colors for the iPhone 13 series was pretty funny:

Both companies have actually released green phones in the past, but it’s been a while, and it was never quite this type of green. The Apple iPhone 11 had a bright, pale green option, and the Samsung Galaxy S10 had Prism Green, which too was far off from this darker, matte 2022 green.

And we won’t even go into who ever copied what from whom, that’ll be a long game with no winners. Let’s just say – Samsung has previously made fun of Apple for the notch, removal of the headphone jack, removal of the charger in the retail box – then went and did the same.

Apple never clapped back saying it felt flattered for it, although that would’ve been hilarious. And to be honest, Samsung’s little jabs at Apple have always been pretty entertaining.

Will green really be the hot new 2022 color, do you like it more than the other options?

So our two favorite smartphone companies (well, at least one is statistically likely to be a favorite of yours) are banking on green this year, and a question arises – is this supposed to be the hot new 2022 color?Well, let’s find out! The year is still young – are Samsung and Apple on to something by selling green flagships, or will another color win our poll?

Cast your vote below – which phone color is your favorite, besides the usual black and white?

Also let us know in the comments – do you prefer Apple’s green or Samsung’s green?

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