iPhone SE (2022) GeekBench result shows the power of the new phone

Apple only announced the new iPhone SE (2022) a couple of days ago, but someone out there has already managed to get their hands on a unit and run a GeekBench test on it. And since those results are public, we can now see how it did!

  • Single-core score: 1695
  • Multi-core score: 4021
This is well above the scores of the old-gen iPhone SE and its A13 chip — browsing through the various GeekBench results for that model, we can see that it hovers around a single-core score of 1300 and a multi-core score of 3300 on a good day.
But that was obviously going to be the case — these phones are two generations apart. What I find more interesting here is that we can definitively say that the iPhone SE will not be as powerful as the iPhone 13 series. Taking a look at the iPhone 13 results, we can see that the iPhone SE (2022) does match it in single-core score, but the iPhone 13 typically gets around 4700 points on the multi-core aspect.
I am pretty sure there’s some throttling involved. The iPhone SE (2022) is tiny so it has two problems that it needs to tackle. One – thermals, and two – a tiny battery. No doubt, Apple needed to put the reigns on that A15 so it wouldn’t decimate the iPhone SE from the inside.

Then again, this is just a singular test — it’s best to run it a few times over and see how the phone performs over a prolonged exposure to the intense benchmarking. In the end, even if the iPhone SE (2022)’s GeekBench multi-core score is 4000, I am pretty sure it will do just fine in everyday use. I am much, much more interested in how it will fare with battery life.

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