Best iPhone SE fast chargers

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Best iPhone SE fast chargers

You didn’t expect Apple to include a charger in the box of the $429 iPhone SE now, did you? Well, it didn’t. There’s no charging brick in the iPhone SE box, yet Apple advises that you can charge it “fast” to 50% in half an hour with a 20W charger, so at least that charging speed is supported unlike its predecessor that shipped with a puny 5W unit.

You’d have to buy the iPhone SE charger separately, though, as is the trend, so what are your options besides Apple’s official 20W brick that will also serve you well for numerous other iPhones, at least until Apple finally decides to move away from its shamefully slow charging ways with future ones.

Best iPhone SE chargers

Amazon Basics 30W GaN charger

Compatible with all iPhones, this is the best price for a compact GaN charger to go with your budget iPhone SE. It delivers USB-C PD speeds above and beyond what’s needed to top up your iPhone SE, and you don’t pay the brand premium of other chargers despite that the internals are the same. Did we mention that this basic charger is foldable for compact storage, too? Well, it is, and not so basic anymore.

Apple 20W USB-C power adapter

Apple makes its own 20W fast charger block, which is a great choice in terms of compatibility. If you are planning on using any of the wireless chargers offered by Apple, this 20W USB-C charger block is guaranteed to work perfectly with them.

Anker PowerPort III with foldable plug

If you are looking to get the best quality for the least amount of money, look no further than Anker’s PowerPort III. It is a 20W adapter and has a tiny footprint that gets even tinier with the included foldable plug. You will barely feel it when on the road or your daily commute.

Anker PowerPort III with foldable plug

Spigen ArcStation Pro

Spigen’s ArcStation Pro is a 20W Gallium Nitride (GaN) charger. These types of chargers offer much more efficient power consumption and therefore stay significantly cooler while being used. More efficient charging means less electricity used to juice up your iPhone and longer life for the power adapter itself. A win-win situation.

Anker Nano Pro

The Nano Pro is the latest 20W fast charger from Anker. It comes with a protection system called ActiveShield, which intelligently monitors temperature and manages power to protect your iPhone from overheating or charging excessively.Just like the ArcStation Pro from Spigen, Anker’s Nano Pro is also a GaN charger, which is what allows its small size and low power consumption. The Nano Pro also comes with a worry-free 18-month warranty.

Belkin GaN wall charger

Belkin’s GaN wall charger is perfect if you find yourself tight on space. It is longer than the rest of the options in this list, but it compensates that with being thin. Belkin has added their own form of protection to this fast charger, which will keep your iPhone safe from overcurrent and overvoltage damage.

Charging cables

AmazonBasics nylon braided USB-C to Lightning cable

Cables sometimes end up being surprisingly expensive when you start looking for a new one. This one from AmazonBasics is affordable, double-braided, and is MFi certified, which means guaranteed compatibility with your iPhone.

Anker Powerline Plus II

The Powerline Plus II is Anker’s best offer when it comes to charging cables. It boasts incredible durability and supports speeds that are much higher than the ones the iPhone can handle, which means you can also use it to charge other devices. Anker is so confident in the durability of the Powerline Plus II that it offers a lifetime guarantee with it.

Belkin Boost Charge USB-C cable

The Belkin Boost Charge is just another similar option to the Anker Powerline Plus II that is slightly longer but also a bit more expensive.

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