Amazon to join the Clubhouse trend with a new rival app dubbed Amp

Last year, Clubhouse got really popular as a live audio chat app, and since then, some have tried to rival it with their own versions of an audio app. One such example is Twitter Spaces. And now, Amazon is also jumping on the trend with its own version of a live audio app, dubbed Amp, reports Android Headlines.

Amazon working on its own Clubhouse rival, Amp

It seems that the tech giant is set on creating a similar experience to that of Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces in a new app dubbed Amp. The app is still in beta though, so it is not yet widely available but is to be tested with a few selected beta testers right now.

Although Twitter Spaces and Clubhouse are already up and running, it is never too late to join into a trend (of course, before the said trend dies out, we mean). However, there are some aspects that will make the new Amazon Amp app a bit different than what the current competitors offer.

It is actually more focused on people hosting their own radio shows. You will still be able to host conversations for an audience of listeners, but it will be more like having a radio show instead of a live podcast. There will be a selection of licensed music that you will be able to stream, which is sure to make some people quite excited.

For now, the users which are able to test the beta version of Amp are all only on iOS, so if you have an iPhone, you can download the app from the App Store and join the waitlist. For now, Android users will have to wait to get the Amp app.

Clubhouse got really popular as it brought something different

Last year, Clubhouse’s popularity skyrocketed as it gave users a really interesting and quite new platform. The live audio session and chat was something people were excited about, and of course, not soon after, Twitter also joined in with Twitter Spaces. Clubhouse is still gaining new features, despite the rising competition coming from big tech giants such as Twitter, Reddit, and now eventually, Amazon. And it seems that Amazon now wants to add something new to the table with its new app.

Clubhouse is not giving up despite the competition, adds new features: here’s the newest one

Recently, we reported on the fact that Clubhouse is adding a new feature to its platform to better meet its users’ needs. For the microphone shy users (or generally people who don’t talk much), the app is adding the possibility to participate in a live audio session with text chat.

For those of you who are curious, the new addition to Clubhouse’s feature set is dubbed “In-Room Chat”, and it works in a similar manner to Zoom or Skype, basically providing you with a way to interact in a chat window.

On top of that, voice room moderators will be able to delete chat messages. Pretty much, creators will get the possibility to appoint mods to keep an eye on the chat and delete messages if found inappropriate.

Understandably though, if the room has hundreds or thousands of people, the task of moderating chat comments will indeed prove to be quite difficult.

As a creator on Clubhouse, you will also be able to delete chat messages at any moment, and even after the live session has ended. Additionally, you will be able to turn off the In-Room chat at any moment as well, if it proves to be unproductive or annoying. Another useful feature of the In-Room chat option is that you will be able to delete your comment during the live room or after the live room has ended.

So, with all the new features of Clubhouse, and the popularity of big social media channels such as Twitter, Amazon’s Amp will be facing tough competition in the beginning. Let’s see how it will tackle these challenges.

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Last update was on: May 17, 2022 10:03 pm

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