The best iPhone SE (2022) cases you can get right now

2022, the next logical step is to get a nice case to protect your new phone, budget or not. Smartphone cases come in all shapes and sizes, materials and colors, so without further ado, let’s check out the best iPhone SE cases you can get right now.

Apple has decided to carry over the design of the iPhone SE (2020) to the new 5G-equipped device, and even though this might come as a disappointment, there are positives. For one, iPhone SE (2020) cases will be compatible with the new model, so if you have one of those lying around, you can very well slap it on the iPhone SE (2022). If you don’t have an older iPhone SE case at hand, though – read on!

Smartphones are fragile beasts these days which means covering them in plastic, leather, and all kinds of protective stuff hiding their true colors (literally and metaphorically). There’s a workaround to this and it’s called the “transparent smartphone case.”

It’s like they’re not actually there! You can still fly your smartphone flag high, enjoy its design and colors without sacrificing protection. Here are the best iPhone SE (2022) clear cases to let your new phone shine its light around.

Leave it to Apple to out an exclusive new Abyss Blue color together with the new iPhone SE (2022) to spice things up for those who order the starlight, black, or red colors. It’s a very cool shade of blue, and, at $35 for an official Apple silicone case, is as good as it gets a protection for your munchkin SE.

OtterBox Symmetry Clear iPhone SE 2022 case

The Symmetry series cases from OtterBox are well-known and loved among smartphone enthusiasts. And for a good reason – they’re durable, aesthetically pleasing, and an industry standard when it comes to quality.There’s a transparent option in the Symmetry lineup, and it’s perfect for those of you who want to show your new iPhone SE to the world. This case is slim, sleek, stylish, pocket-friendly, and also pretty rugged with its dual-protection design. 

Spigen Crystal Hybrid Hard Shell iPhone SE (2022) clear case

Spigen is another well-known and respected name in the smartphone case field. The Crystal Hybrid series is an amalgamation of style and protection. This case is equally suited for the “rugged” category, as it sports a military grade level of protection, coupled with Spigen’s own Air Cushion technology.

The same dual-material design is present here too – the back is made from hard polycarbonate to resist scratches and scuffs, while the frame is a softer TPU material that absorbs shocks from accidental drops. The case is crystal clear and won’t yellow over time. And have we mentioned the price?

Nimble Disc Soft Shell Case for Apple iPhone SE – Clear

Here’s an interesting concept for you. Do you remember compact discs? Maybe you do, maybe you don’t but the fact of the matter here is that this iPhone SE 3 case from Nimble is made out of recycled CDs and DVDs.

Not only is it good for the environment but it’s also quite sturdy – it provides 6-foot drop protection, and there are more bells and whistles on board. Like the permanent anti-microbial technology that’s essential in our modern germs-infested reality. This case is also slim, pocket-friendly and won’t lose its clarity over time.

Best iPhone SE (2022) rugged cases

There’s no such thing as too much protection, especially when we talk about smartphones. The iPhone SE (2022) is no longer a sub-$400 device so spending a couple of bucks can save you a lot in repairs, no one will argue against it, right? Here are the armored vehicles of the smartphone case world – the best rugged iPhone SE cases!

OtterBox Defender Series Pro Modular Case for Apple iPhone SE (2022)

When it comes to smartphone protection the OtterBox Defender series is the proverbial Cadillac of the smartphone cases. The Pro Modular case offers so much that it deserves its own article. The TL;DR version is that this case has everything you’d ever need. The rugged part of the equation comes in different modules, which you can add or remove depending on the scenario.

There’s an antimicrobial coating, precise cutouts for accessing the camera and charging port, kickstand for hands-free viewing that also doubles as a belt holster, and more. You’d be hard pressed to find a better rugged case for your new iPhone SE. Granted, this case costs a substantial part of the iPhone SE itself but protection it has, and plenty (a little Yoda moment here).

Spigen Tough Armor iPhone SE (2022) case

If OtterBox is your Cadillac then Spigen is the reliable Honda – the Tough Armor case offers an amazing value, especially considering all the protection features on board. This iPhone SE 3 case comes with Spigen’s trademarked Air Cushion technology that protects the most vulnerable part of the phone – the corners. There’s also a new shock-absorbing foam that enhances the overall protection, and all of this is housed in a hard other shell.

There’s also an integrated kickstand and a clever cutout in the middle to show the Apple logo. The available colors are also pretty lively, and the price is extremely affordable. Get yours while its red… we mean hot!


Caseology Parallax for iPhone SE (2022) case

Rugged meets stylish in this Caseology Parallax iPhone SE case. The Parallax series is a long-standing favorite and features a stylish 3D design on the back, which also contributes to better grip. The case has been tested to cover military standards in drop protection, it also features raised bezels to protect the screen, and finally – it’s really slim and lightweight.

There are a couple of cool colors available (Aqua Green being our favorite), and the price will put a smile on your face. Bold and stylish!

Best iPhone SE (2022) leather cases

Leather is always in fashion, as people say, and it’s also a great way to add some finesse to your everyday electronic gadget. There aren’t many iPhone SE leather cases at the moment but there are some options to choose from nonetheless.

Apple Leather Case for iPhone SE

The obvious choice here – Apple’s own Leather Case is a great option. This iPhone SE case is made from specially tanned and finished European leather and they feel great to the touch. Another bonus feature of all leather cases is that they age remarkably well. You’ll get a vintage look in a couple of months worthy of collector’s item.

The case is slim and lightweight, ensuring perfect fit. There are machined-aluminum buttons that feel equally premium, and the case also supports wireless charging so you won’t ever need to take it off. It’s a little pricey but also one of Apple’s all-time best-sellers, and for a good reason.

SaharaCase Leather Series Case for Apple iPhone SE (2022)

For all the fans of wallet-type cases, SaharaCase has a special model just for you. This iPhone SE case is made of premium leather, and the wallet part can accommodate up to five cards plus some cash.

The sturdy construction offers durability and protection with attention put specifically on the corners, and the name of the color is also pretty cool – Scorpion Black! How about that! This classic iPhone SE wallet case is also not that expensive. See for yourselves.

Best iPhone SE 3 stylish cases

Nowadays smartphone cases aren’t just some protective contraptions, they’re also a fashion statement. If your phone’s color or design is too boring for your, there’s always the option to get a flashy case to complement your flashy style, right? 

ArtsCase – StrongFit Designers Tough Cases Marble Design iPhone SE case

Speaking of flashy, you can’t go wrong with ArtsCase and its Marble Design iPhone SE case. Look at it, look all the colors! Well, mainly pink and purple… But still, you won’t walk unnoticed carrying something like this.

This case offers some protection alongside the neo-modernist design. It features a soft silicone internal layer that absorbs shocks and a hard polycarbonate shell to protect the case against scratches and scuffs. The Marble Design case also supports wireless charging. And as an added bonus you can stare for hours in the psychedelic explosion of colors.

Sonix – Lemon Zest Carrying case for Apple iPhone SE (2022)

When the world serves you lemons, you make a smartphone case out of them! That’s the thinking behind this Sonix case, and it’s one of the freshest iPhone SE (2022) cases out there! It’s a clear case with a lemon pattern printed on, so you can get some pretty amazing color combinations with your new iPhone SE.

There’s protection in the equation – namely the 6.6 feet Military Drop Test Certification. But let’s be frank – you won’t buy this case for the protection – it’s just an added bonus. As is the wireless charging support, and the raised bezels. The lemons are the main thing, you have to remember this, though!


These are the best iPhone SE (2022) cases you can buy right now but don’t go too far because this list is far from done. Check this space regularly for you next dose of iPhone SE cases, we expect more leather options to start popping up. 

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