See your ‘Best of Winter 2021’ moments in Google Photos

It’s March already, and the winter is soon to be over. And to summarize all of your amazing memories and experiences you had during these cold months, Google Photos will now showcase your memories in its new “Best of Winter 2021” Memories collection (via 9To5Google).

By using AI, Google Photos will select some of your photos made during this cold time of year. When you open the new collection, expect to see mostly photos made during the winter holidays and photos featuring snowy weather. Of course, it all depends on what kind of photos you have, so it may not be mostly snowy weather and holiday joy in your “Best of Winter 2021” collection. Bear in mind that, although the collection is named “Best of Winter 2021,” it may also feature some photos taken at the beginning of 2022.

The “Best of Winter 2021” collection is part of a series of seasonal photo collections. These collections are part of Google Photos’ Memories collection feature. In May 2021, Google introduced this feature to make it easier for users to rediscover some of their favorite memories and experiences. With the help of AI, Google Photos selects photos that ‘share things like shape or color.’

In a blog post about the Google Photos’ Memories collections, Google stated, “On their own, these photos may not be the most meaningful, but when you see them all together, they tell a story — your story. As always, they’re private and only visible to you.”

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