iPhone SE (2022): What’s in the box?

Apple just debuted the iPhone SE (2022) in its first event for this year. It comes with a new chipset and the same sturdier glass that covers the iPhone 13 on both the front and back side of the phone. Additionally, the new iPhone SE joins the 5G family of Apple devices.

That’s enough about the details, though, you can find more in one of our other articles right here:

Now lets peek inside what’s inside the new iPhone SE’s box. Spoiler alert — not much…

What’s in the iPhone SE (2022) box?

What’s not in the iPhone SE (2022) box?

  • Power adapter
  • Headphones
  • Lightning to headphone jack adapter

As you can see, there is nothing surprising or special inside the iPhone SE (2022) box. Even though the iPhone SE has the appearance of the iPhone 8, a model from the times when Apple included chargers in the box, it sadly does not come with one.

Nevertheless, if you do happen to have a fast charger laying around, the iPhone SE (2022) can be charged at up to 18W, just like its predecessor.

Something that is different from the previous iPhone SE box, however, is the packaging itself. Apple has now gotten rid of the plastic wrap that used to envelope the whole thing. Additionally, Apple has now used recycled materials in the making of the box, much like with the ones it ships its other products in.

That being said, there is still the argument that excluding a charger from the box rather does more harm than good for the environment, in part negating the company’s efforts in being eco-friendly.

If you are planning on buying the new iPhone SE, you will be able to place a pre-order starting this Friday, March 11 and it will be officially available for purchase on March 18.

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