iPhone SE (2022) battery life: Everything you need to know

There’s a new iPhone in town, and that one’s the third generation of the iPhone SE line, which aims to bring an affordable iPhone to people unfazed by the latest advancements of Apple’s main phone lineup. Indeed, the third-gen iPhone SE keeps the tried and old design of the iPhone 8, but supercharges what matters the most – the hardware inside, resulting in improved camera experience, exceptional future-proofness, and overall, a great value for money.

But what about the battery life?
Traditionally, due to the limited form factor, iPhone SE units have arrived with modest batteries as far as raw capacity comes, the original iPhone SE and the iPhone SE (2020) didn’t employ large batteries: the two phones employed 1821mAh and 2406mAh batteries, respectively, which sounds paltry when compared with the larger iPhones. However, these batteries paired with the super-efficient chips that Apple puts inside its most affordable phones meant that they used to punch above their weight when it comes to endurance.

iPhone SE (2022) battery

Technically, we don’t know the capacity of the iPhone SE (2022) yet, as Apple has kept this information secret. However, we have official battery life stats that reveal improvements in battery life in comparison with the iPhone SE (2020) and the iPhone 11.

As evident above, we get a rather decent bump of 2 hours increased battery life in both regular and streamed video playback, while audio playback has been increased to 50 hours, a 20% increase over the previous iPhone SE (2020). That’s pushing the new iPhone SE (2022) very close to the battery life readings achieved by the iPhone 11, one of the longer-lasting iPhones.

Thanks to the new hardware, the new iPhone SE can now benefit from the Smart Data mode, which intelligently conserves battery life by automatically shifting iPhone to LTE when 5G speeds are not needed.

We can’t say if the increased battery life is due to a slight increase in battery capacity or merely due to A15 Bionic’s efficiency, but in any case, one thing is for certain: the most compact iPhone on sale in early 2022 will be an idea more durable than before. That’s a win for the regular customer that’s willing to get the iPhone SE (2022) for $429.

iPhone SE (2022) charging

The iPhone SE (2022) comes with no charger in the box, as is now tradition for Apple’s phones.

The phone will charge up to 50% in 30 minutes, with a 20W charging adapter or higher. Of course, you will have to get one separately if you don’t have one already. There’s Qi wireless charging capability on the iPhone SE (2022), but don’t expect dramatically faster speeds than its wired counterpart.

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