Apple TV+ scores exclusive Friday Night Baseball games

The cord-cutting trend and the runaway success that Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and other streamers that produce original content became didn’t go unnoticed at Apple. It circled the wagons and launched a streaming package mix of exclusive shows and popular channels like HBO or Showtime that materialized as TV+, Apple’s first foray into a new industry in a good while.

While at the beginning Apple TV+ only had a handful of original shows, fast forward to today, and it has already had its share of hit TV series, documentaries, or movies people talk about. 

Apple TV+ gets exclusive baseball games

Apple TV+ is now making a foray in sports, too. That’s right, subscribers (which recently include all LG TV owners, too) to Apple’s TV+ service will be able to watch Friday night baseball “marquee games” that they won’t be able to see anywhere else. 

Apple says that “fans can tune in to two games on Friday nights during the regular season, available only on Apple TV+,” starting a new trend of sports exclusives that is certain to raise its profile among subscribers.

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