Samsung allegedly fell victim to a data breach

There has been a new security breach in the tech industry. This time, the victim was reportedly Samsung Electronics (via AppleInsider). The hackers taking responsibility for the data breach are from the Lapsus$ hacking group. Lapsus$ has leaked around 190GB of what it claims to be confidential data from Samsung, which includes source code and biometric unlocking algorithms.As proof of the data breach, Lapsus$ has also provided a screenshot of C/C++ code directives, alleging that they came from Samsung. In a description of the 190GB of stolen data the hacking group teased before the big leak, they wrote that these 190GB contain “confidential Samsung source code” and listed exactly what the hacking group managed to steal from Samsung.

With its hack, Lapsus$ got its hands on the source code for every Trusted Applet (TA) installed in Samsung’s TrustZone. Samsung TrustZone is a secure environment utilized for operations such as hardware cryptography, binary encryption, and access control.

Lapsus$ also managed to steal algorithms for all biometric unlock operations, the source code used for booting all recent Samsung devices, and confidential source code allegedly originating from Qualcomm. With its attack, Lapsus$ also stole the source code for Samsung’s activation servers, аs well as that used for authorizing and authenticating Samsung accounts, including APIs and services.

Although the information above is what Lapsus$ listed as the stolen data, it is unknown if Lapsus$ stole additional secret information from Samsung. What is known, however, is that the hacking group has split the leaked data into three compressed files and made it available for download via a torrent.

As for a comment from Samsung about the data breach, The Korea Herald reported that Samsung officials told the media outlet that they ‘are now assessing the situation.’

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