Reliable tipster posts Galaxy S23 renders and they reveal big news for the phone

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Reliable tipster posts Galaxy S23 renders and they reveal big news for the phone

So you have recently received your Samsung Galaxy S22 handset and we pass along a hearty “congratulations.” Now, tipster Ice Universe has something that he wants you to see. Renders of the Galaxy S23 have been disseminated via a tweet and if you’re on the ball, you can see that a particular feature is missing from the renders of the device.
Did you figure it out? If you said that the renders do not show a hole-punch for the front-facing camera, you’ve earned a hearty congratulations once again. And since we don’t see any signs of a popup camera or a rotating one, we can come to this conclusion. The Samsung Galaxy S23 will feature an under-display camera (UDC).

Galaxy S23 renders from trusted Sammy tipster bring big news

This would not be Samsung’s first phone to sport such a feature. The Galaxy Z Fold 3 released last year came with an under-display 4MP camera sensor which Samsung admitted was not designed for selfies. Actually, our review of the in-display camera said, “it’s absolutely not great for any type of pictures, as expected. It works fine for Skype chats, though.”

But keep in mind that Samsung had other camera options on the outside of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 that were made for selfies. If the Galaxy S23 render is accurate (and it is way too early to make such a call), it appears that the manufacturer is rolling the dice on improvements made for the under-display camera since there isn’t any obvious front-facing camera on the Galaxy S23.
Technically, you could deploy the rear camera array to shoot selfies, but that would leave you without a viewfinder.

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Another interesting notion is that the Galaxy S23 would no doubt be the less expensivel of next year’s three Galaxy S23 series phones. So it would appear that even those looking to save some bucks by buying the cheapest model in the line will have a full-screen and an under-display camera. After all, a quick look at the corners on these images and the lack of the S Pen immediately tells you that this is not the Galaxy S23 Ultra.

Slightly thinner bezels appear to be on tap for the Galaxy S23

For those who ask why would anyone care what the Galaxy S23 might look like now since the Galaxy S22 has just been shipped, we’d like to point out that purchasing decisions are often made well in advance. If you like what you see on the new model (even though it is a render and is not official by any means), having an idea about what is possible for next year’s phones could help you decide whether to buy the Galaxy S22 now or wait for the Galaxy S23.

Samsung has already mastered the under-display fingerprint scanner with its ultrasonic biometric reader that makes mincemeat out of the optical under-display scanner employed by Google on the Pixel 6 line.

Keep in mind that Samsung is not the first to deliver a phone using an under-display camera. Some Chinese manufacturers (where you will find the latest hardware innovations) such as ZTE have already included this feature with released units. For example, the ZTE Axon 20 5G was the first to place a camera under the glass back in September 2020. And ZTE followed that up by including the under-display camera on the Axon 30 5G.

Add Xiaomi’s Mi Mix 4 to the list of handsets using an UDC. Eventually, this will be a feature that every manufacturer will have on their phones. As usual with something new like under-display cameras, the cost and the quality of the images captured will improve over time.

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