A screen protector, reportedly for the iPhone SE 3, appears online with March 10 release date

The industry was expecting that Apple may announce a March event to happen on March 8, which should have unveiled the successor to the iPhone SE from 2020, the iPhone SE 3. Apple usually announces events a week prior, but yesterday, no news of an Apple event. This fact had many believe that the event won’t be on March 8. Now, iMore reports about a 5G iPhone SE case that leaked online with a release date of March 10, again throwing some confusion as to when we will see the budget-friendly SE.

5G iPhone SE screen protector shows up online with a release date of March 10

The listing shows reportedly a new case of an upcoming iPhone SE, and it was advertised by Belkin as a “Protective Glass Film for Belkin iPhone SE.” It is your basic screen protector, showing Apple’s older iPhone SE design, but this is the same design that is expected for the new iPhone SE to rock.

The screen protector is listed with product number ‘F8W768qe-REV’, and it was first made available on Amazon Japan on February 28, listing that it is for the “iPhone SE 3rd generation”, which is basically the budget-friendly iPhone that we expect to see during an Apple Spring event.

As you can see on the images shared by iMore, the screen protector was to be made available on March 10. Previously, reputable industry analyst Mark Gurman had said that an Apple event will be held on March 8, to announce the iPhone SE 3 alongside new Apple products.

However, if that were to be the case, we should’ve seen an invitation to this event yesterday, seven days before March 8. Usually, Apple announces events even two weeks before the date, so a March 8 event seems a bit unlikely at this point. Anyhow, you should take this info with a grain of salt until an official invitation for an event from Apple appears.

On the other hand, some speculate that the Spring event could be postponed or canceled because of the crisis that has been going on in Ukraine. Apple has now stopped selling its products in Russia in response to the invasion.

iPhone SE 3: what to expect

Whether or not the iPhone SE 3 comes on March 8 remains, for now, a mystery, but nevertheless, leaks and rumors about the upcoming handset have pretty much painted a picture of what to expect from it. Let’s see what we have heard so far about the phone and what you should expect when Apple ends up unveiling it.

The iPhone SE 3 is expected to retain the same design as its predecessor, the 2020 iPhone SE, which looks exactly the same as the 2017 iPhone 8. There were some rumors that it might come cheaper than its predecessor, so it could either cost around $300, or $399 just like the 2020 iPhone SE. Of course, the iPhone SE 3’s main selling point is shaping to be the fast processor, which is expected to be the Apple A15 Bionic chip, which is currently powering the iPhone 13 series. Earlier rumors suggested that the chip inside the budget-friendly phone will be an A14 (the one in the iPhone 12 series). For now, there is no consensus on which chip it will be, but both are quite fast and offer 5G connectivity.

In terms of screen, the iPhone SE 3 will reportedly feature the same 4.7-inch screen as its predecessor, and it will most likely once again be an LCD panel. We don’t expect design differences in the front of the phone either, with the well-known Touch ID button remaining its biometric security option.

As for the release date, as we already mentioned, there is no concrete information so far. Stay tuned for more info in the coming days or weeks!

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