Poll: Do you use one-handed mode on your smartphone? What mode again?

UPDATE: Results are in – a little over 11% of the voters use one-handed mode all the time. Most of you guys, however, don’t use this mode at all – maybe smartphone are two-hand operation devices now? 

Smartphones nowadays are huge – pushing the 7-inch display mark. I remember the time when a 5-inch phone was considered big, and a few years later “compact” smartphones came with 4.7-inch displays. Now we have an iPhone that’s called “mini”, sporting a 5.4-inch screen, and things aren’t going to get any better with the foldable giants.The latest and greatest (no – really, it’s the best Samsung phone out there) Galaxy S22 Ultra model is huge with its 6.8-inch display, and this creates a problem. While I was fiddling with the Ultra during our preview shots, I found it hard to operate the phone with one hand, I mean it was near to impossible.

Not only is the Galaxy S22 Ultra quite big and heavy but it’s also pretty slippery. That’s where the one-handed mode comes into play. Or it should, at least. This is the focus of today’s poll – do you ever use one-handed mode?

What is one-handed mode?

Okay, It’s not like everyone knows smartphones come with such a feature. If it wasn’t for my job I wouldn’t have known. One-handed mode is basically a clever trick that shrinks the screen to one side in order to allow easier (I mean to make it possible, let’s be frank) one-handed operation.

Different manufacturers implement this in different ways but the result is the same – the screen shrinks to the right or left side (depending on the hand you’re using) to allow your thumb to reach every corner.

Do you use one-handed mode?

I know I don’t. There’s something diminishing about it – having a 7-inch phone and looking at just a portion of the screen in order to be able to operate it. To me it’s a basic design flaw. If you need to shrink the display to operate your smartphone comfortably, why not make it smaller in the first place? I know, consuming media and stuff – yeah, yeah, yeah – everything looks better on a bigger screen.
Nevertheless, I’m pretty curious how many of you guys use the dreadful one-handed mode on your smartphones? Hit the poll and share your thoughts in the comments below.

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