Apple drops mask requirements for customers at some stores

Bloomberg says that Apple is dropping its mask mandate at Apple Stores located in Ohio, North Carolina, Georgia, Kansas, Kentucky, and others (in New York masks are optional for those vaccinated and customers in Hawaii must wear masks). Employees working in Apple Stores located throughout the country will still have to don a mask.
The tech giant’s retail locations will also restart its Today at Apple in-store classes that teach users of Apple devices how to get the most from specific features found on Apple products such as the cameras on the iPhone. Some stores are looking to resume Today at Apple as soon as this week while other stores are hoping to resume the program in March.

Apple dropped its mask mandate last November but thanks to the omicron variant of COVID, it decided to resume the mandate a month later. Apple also has delayed the return of corporate employees to its office indefinitely. Apple decided not to respond to Bloomberg’s request for a comment from the company in reference to the changes.

Speaking of the changes, Apple has posted on its website which of its stores no longer require that customers wear masks. While masks are no longer required in certain states, Apple is still recommending that customers wear masks and will provide them to shoppers upon request.


Besides targeting March for the return of Today at Apple in some stores, next month Apple is also expected to unveil the third generation iPhone SE, a new iPad Air, and some new Macs.

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