Samsung rolls out Good Lock 2022 today: new features

Today, Samsung initiated the rollout of a major update to one of its most popular apps for the Samsung Galaxy phone lineup: Good Lock 2022.

If you own a Galaxy smartphone and haven’t heard of Good Lock yet, today may be your lucky day. The app, developed natively by Samsung, allows users to modify the appearance and user interface significantly, to match each person’s particular taste and style .
Almost nothing is off limits aesthetically when it comes to Good Lock; it lets you change up the entire look and layout of your task launcher (i.e. home screen), as well as the navigation bar (the black bar across the bottom of the screen with the three standard “Back,” “Home,” and “Task View” buttons), and nearly everything else.

Because Samsung develops Good Lock in tandem with its own One UI OS skin, you can play around with Good Lock freely and without worrying about it breaking any part of the interface. The app receives a major update every year along with every major OS update, so that there are no gaps in the feature array on offer.

Consequently, Good Lock 2022 comes right after Samsung’s One UI 4.0 release, which is based on Android 12 – Google’s latest OS iteration. Without further ado, here is everything new that Good Lock version 2022 brings to the table (via XDA Developers), starting today:

Good Lock 2022: What’s new

  • The updated Kids Cafe module will let users create their own custom stickers. Users will be able to use these stickers with the Samsung Keyboard app.
  • Nice Shot’s screenshot feature is getting a new setting that enables the delete button immediately upon screen capture. Its screen recording feature is getting support for various backgrounds for selfie videos.
  • The Wonderland module is getting an option to create a 3D effect image using portrait mode photos. These images can be used as wallpapers on Galaxy devices.
  • One-Hand Operation+ is getting two new gesture actions, including one for keyboard shortcuts to trigger actions within apps and a “move the screen” gesture to improve reachability.
  • The Sound Assistant module brings new sound effects and even expands their scope of use. With the updated module, users will be able to add a sound effect to their voice while recording, create their own volume panel for DeX mode, and customize the volume panel using the new templates.
  • The Multistar module is getting one of the most impressive additions — a cover screen launcher for the Galaxy Z Flip 3. The new cover screen launcher will let you use various apps on the cover screen. The Good Lock team says that while they’ve optimized a few apps (media/navigation) for the cover screen, non-optimized apps should also work.
  • The Homeup module is getting an option to let users switch the app drawer to a vertically scrolling list.

If you don’t have Good Lock on your Galaxy Phone yet, you should know that you won’t find it in the Google Play Store. Samsung only offers the app directly from the Galaxy Store, and, as previously mentioned, it’s only compatible with Galaxy phones. 

Once you download it, you’ll have the option to check out additional plugins before downloading them from within the app, to modify particular parts of your device. For example, Home Up lets you modify your home screen, QuickStar lets you customize your taskbar, LockStar lets you change your lock screen, and so on.

Because the Good Lock 2022 update only began today, it may not be available to you right away. Samsung says will take up to a week at most for the rollout to reach all users across the globe, so it shouldn’t be too long of a wait.

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