The iPhone 14 manufacturers are beginning with the iPhone 14 trial production

The first step in the production of the iPhone 14 has now begun (via 9to5Mac). As UDN reported, the iPhone 14’s design is now in its trial production stage. At this point, a small number of devices are being built to collect data, which will later be used to help with the iPhone’s mass production.

The trial production’s goals are to find out if there are any problems with the design of the iPhone and if there are other opportunities for improvement of the product. Through the trial production stage, the manufacturers collect various types of important data, such as how many units could be produced per hour, and with the gathered data, they can create an appropriate quality control procedure.

The interesting part, though, is that this year, Luxshare, the manufacturer who was involved in the assembling of the iPhone 13 Pro models last year, still hasn’t received the production service order. Because of that, it is believed that this year Luxshare won’t take part in the production of the iPhone 14 Pro model, and it will likely be involved only in the production of the base iPhone 14. This is unfortunate for Luxshare because the iPhone Pro models are the most profitable to produce.Usually, in mid-to-late February, Apple issues the order for its new iPhone to its manufacturers. When they receive the order, the manufacturers compose a bill of materials (BOM) which are utilized in the production, and also adjust testing machines for quality control. Last year, Luxshare received the first assembly order for the iPhone 13 Pro and, consequently, managed to receive around 3% of orders in 2021.

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