Your phone will soon be able to control your insulin pump doses

Tandem Diabetes Care announced that its “t:connect” app is the world’s first insulin pump control app to be cleared for use by the FDA (via Engadget). Through the t:connect app, users with diabetes will be able to control their t:slim X2 insulin pumps and program and cancel their bolus insulin doses (the doses taken before eating). The app is available for download in the US on both iPhones with iOS 14.0 and above and Android phones with Android 8.0 and above.Tandem Diabetes Care plans to release the new t:connect’s bolus dose control feature in limited launch groups in the spring, which will be followed by a wider release later in the summer. When the feature is released, it will be offered for free in the US with new t:slim X2 insulin pumps and via software update to still in-warranty t:slim X2 insulin pumps with the updated version of the t:connect app.At present, when connected to a t:slim X2 insulin pump, the t:connect mobile app displays glucose trends, pump status changes, and insulin therapy data from the last 24 hours. The app also shows the basal (the insulin dose that regulates glucose levels between meals) and bolus deliveries and insulin delivery suspensions. In addition to the displayed data, the t:connect app shows pump alerts and alarms and uploads the gathered data into a cloud-based web application.

It’s important to note, though, that although the t:connect app provides easy access to the pump data, the t:slim X2 insulin pump works independently of the app. The pump also shows the gathered data and can be used to program and cancel bolus insulin doses.

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